Hi! I’m currently single and looking for a primary partner. I have only ever been in open relationships, but I’m open to monogamy, and looking to have at least one kid. Just bought a house in Oakland, California, but I’m also considering having an SF place. Other possibilities include Manhattan or [insert cool city here]. You probably won’t be able to convince me to live anywhere smaller than Madison, Wisconsin.

something I used to put in dating profiles is that I’m a Bilbo looking for a Gandalf
but I’m trying to be more of my own Gandalf and also idk if most people want to date a Bilbo

A good match for me would be a woman with these traits:
Has a good Practicality/Whimsy quotient
Reads a lot of books
Loves to banter
Wants a gym buddy
Likes to chat daily
Enjoys movies and tv

I might be a good match for you if you want a guy with these traits:
8015 Karma on Lesswrong
Massage Wizard
Great at forgetting languages
Leaves books on every available surface
Gets distracted if a cool bird flies past
Loves to modify and upgrade my living space (eg ceiling mounted projectors)
Doesn’t drink or do drugs but doesn’t oppose them in others
Dreams of Living in The House on the Rock
Likes to sing in the shower, car, and everywher else, frequently has sounds playing at home
Thinks most everyone is wrong about most things

First Dates I like:
I’m oddly enamored with the concept of dinner dates
Dancing at a nightclub in eyeliner
Walking in a nature preserve

Chat with me on Discord (drethelin#0492), my discord server or Twitter, Warning: Misha on Twitter may be Edgier than in real life. I’d prefer to meet up sooner rather than later because I think there are too many non-verbal signals that are hard to transmit online.

My Goodreads, My spotify playlist, and some photos of me: